Helping small businesses and individuals find their voice

Startup51 was born out of a passion to help startups, small business owners, artists, and professionals leverage the full potential of the web. Six years in the making and developed by the award-winning, user-focused Consumer51 team, this initiative is all about combining high-end service with top-notch infrastructure in an affordable streamlined way.

Website for small business and startups
When we were doing our research, many users expressed frustration with the limited capabilities of DIY (do-it-yourself) website builders and the high costs of hiring a development firm. What we learnt is that people simply want sites that look great and work across all devices — they don’t want to deal with hosting, domain registrations, SSL, and all the other technical, but essential parts of managing a site. And it would be great if they could get it all for less than a grand. So, we figured out an approach that delivers the cost savings of a DIY solution, but with the look, feel, performance, and scalability of a professionally developed top-of-the-line site — starting at an affordable $2500.

With a host of add-ons to choose from, we also made sure that our solution wasn’t restrictive or rigid. If you have the ability and desire to invest more to get a higher return, you can add services or product upgrades from our comprehensive list of offerings. With Startup51, you have a partner that can help you scale at your pace and deliver very high quality within your budget.